The 37 Trade Expo Indonesia


The 37 Trade Expo Indonesia

The dynamic development of the global market caused a demand for more goods and services worldwide. To meet this growing needs, producers aim to create products with competitive advantages to fulfill market demands and promoted through effective promotional and marketing strategies.

In the year 2021, Indonesia’s export performance has reached a record breaking number, outdoing the highest export performance in 2011. This achievement is a momentum for export growth that needs to be preserved and boosted in the coming years. The effective handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, supported by the national vaccination program, have worked well to curb the number of new cases in Indonesia.

This condition has been an optimistic factor, and the Indonesian Ministry of Trade has brought back Trade Expo Indonesia 2022 in a hybrid format. This hybrid format will widen opportunities exposures for Indonesian exporters to interact and transact with buyers both directly and through the digital medium.

As an annual promotional agenda, Trade Expo Indonesia 2022 will feature exhibitions, business forum, business counseling, and business matching with focus on selected industries such as Manufactured, Fashion and Accessories, Healthcare and Beauty, Medical Equipment, Furniture and Home Decorations, Digital and Services, as well as Food and Beverages. In conjunction with the Indonesian G20 Presidency, this year’s Trade Expo Indonesia’s theme is “Strengthening Global Trade for Stronger Recovery”. Seize this opportunity to participate in the largest trade, tourism and investment forum in Indonesia!

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