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Starting from seeing the rich potential of agricultural and plantation commodities in Muara Enim Regency. We realized that there are so many opportunities that we can do, especially to improve the lives of farmers.

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CV. Barisan Tri Atma was established based on the Decree of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights No. AHU-0068610-AH.01.14 2021 and Notary Deed No. 39.

The name Barisan is taken from the name Bukit Barisan which is an icon of the island of Sumatra and Tri Atma means three souls which are the number of founders of this company. Standing in an unstable economic condition due to the covid-19 pandemic, CV. Barisan Tri Atma is very committed with a sincere heart and strong determination to help improve the lives of farmers, create jobs, and contribute to increasing the country's economic growth.

Mision an integral part of a company's strategy that helps to set priorities, allocate resources, and ensure that everyone is working towards common goals and objectives Vision Building an agricultural and plantation commodity business group oriented to the international market that strives on excellence and full of innovation, thereby creating agricultural commodity derivative products that have high added value.

To become the forefront as an exporter of agricultural and plantation commodities included derivative products in a professional and profitable company, thus becoming the main choice for consumers, the profitable investment for shareholder and giving a positive impact on the economy of farmers and the country. VALUE the leading principles of an organization, that reflect the organization’s brand and culture. Quality Meeting the needs of buyers is our responsibility. We always ensure that the specifications of the goods required by the buyer are appropriate, starting from the production process until the goods are received by the buyer.

We seek to consistently build trust in every interaction by conducting ourselves in a professional and honest manner— one conversation, one action, one follow-through at a time. We instill this value of integrity to create a good long term business relationship. Best Offer We don't promise the cheapest price. But we promise the most suitable price for the quality of the product you want the most. The best offer you receive will definitely match the quality we provide. Innovative We are committed to always innovating to provide the best service because we are aware that in order to provide the best service we must always make improvements to our company.

Thoroughness in accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved. From the harvest process, packaging, until delivery processs. BUSINESS ACTIVITIES CV. Barisan Tri Atma in its business activities focuses on large-scale betel nut trading oriented to the international market. In the future Company wants to widen its product diversification, not only exporting raw materials but also creating derivative products that have high added value. BOILED BETEL NUTS The boiled betel nut produced from the young betel nut that we harvest selectively.

Dried in the sun until it has a moisture content less than 5%, peeled and then sorted to produce the best quality boiled betel nut. SPLIT BETEL NUTS Our split betel nut comes from selectively harvested mature betel nut. Splited and dried in the sun until it has a moisture content less than 5%. Coming from the largest betel nut producing area in Indonesia, Sumatera. We are committed to providing the best quality betel nuts ranging from 60% to 95% quality.

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