PT. Sumber Jaya Coco


Established in 2005, at Jalan Candimas km 24.5, Natar sub-district, Lampung. 2008 due to the global crisis, activities were suspended for 6 months. The wood species we use are Pulai and durian wood.

Our current business, which includes the manufacture of Finger joint wood, serves the needs of various countries Our product names in Japan are known as Isobo, nisobo, tasobo, and Finger joint laminated boards.

The Japanese really like this type of wood because of its smooth texture, light weight and clean color (yellowish white).

And currently our products are in great demand in various countries in the world. Not only that, we also have a lot of experience in selling coconut, copra and coconut shell charcoal in the domestic market, which we will now expand to the international market.


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