PT. Boymaxwell Indojaya Grup


PT Boymaxwell Indojaya Grup is an international corporation expertised in global trade on Indonesia’s Agricultural Product.

Categories : Agriculture

Boymaxwell Indojaya Group Ltd. is a company engaged in international trade based on Aceh’s Province, Indonesia. We supply wide range of products including Coffee, Spice, Essential Oil, Horticulture, Palm and Coconut Derivatives for international markets. With the vision of increasing Indonesia’s competitiveness in the world.

Boymaxwell Indojaya Grup, ltd. is a trading company engaged in exporting and importing Aceh’s commodities with coffee as its main products. Based on the company deed, we are inaugurated on February 2021. Some factors encourage the founder to build the company. One of them is the economic sector of Aceh that is not fully recovered post the tsunami, and it even gets worse since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia. it cannot be helped although Aceh is the potential in producing the agricultural commodities that can be exported. The founder, as an Acehnese, would like to maximze the exported commodities through Gayo coffee.


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