MIO - PT. Mega Inovasi Organik


PT Mega Inovasi Organik offer reliable supply of Fair Trade, NOP Organic Vanilla Beans with discounted price. 10 year experience in exporting multiple products to almost every continent, as well.

Categories : Agriculture

We also have Coconut Sugar, Exotic Fruits, and Spices, Organic certified. Together with our farmers, we develop organic products and supply chain based on the values of sustainability, fairness, and community development. We cooperate with more than 2500 organic farmers in various regions in Indonesia such in Java, Bali and East Nusa Tenggara.

All products come directly from organic farmlands. Our Vision is to develop integrated organic farmlands with our farmer partners by producing organic products based on fair trade relationship and support the sustainability of the farms. Every farmer in our farmlands has an average of 500 m² of organic farmland that is used to cultivate various organic products.

Our company is built upon a vision to help traditional farmers in Indonesia to live above the poverty line by opening a gate for their artisanal organic products to enter the international market. We believe that the first thing needed is to bring the products to meet international standards for quality.


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