Ruang Inovasi - PT. Ruang Inovasi Swadaya


The mission of Ruang Inovasi is to establish village sovereign ecological action with its economic system.

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One way is to generate innovation for high-quality products that have the identity of each village through a fair partnership scheme. This identity and quality product will be the foundation to support village income that will transform many villages to be socio-economic independent environments.

Ruang inovasi has the main mission of making independent villages with economic equality. Of course, this can be realized by implementing a populist economic system and equitable development. Optimizing the potential of a region must be balanced with reliable, innovative, and socially entrepreneurial human resources.

Ruang Inovasi implements its hopes through the Social Entrepreneurship Program / Social Business which is implemented in rural areas by avoiding monopolies on the local potential of each region without ignoring the carrying capacity of nature which can cause imbalances in natural ecosystems.

To achieve this, we implemented three phases towards independence, namely 1) Understanding Village Potential and Village Governance , 2) Incubating Village Social Entrepreneurs , and 3) Assisting in Transitioning to Village Independence . These three phases will not be sustainable if the village community is not accompanied intensively. This is because in order to achieve the main mission, knowledge transfer from the basic level is needed to create local activators with integrity in the village.


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