PT Tabadi Pratama Nusantara


We are a comodity exporter company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have black pepper, cloves, ginger, galangal, cinnamon, coconut peat, coconut husk chips, and coconut disc. We will also assist you in finding the product according to your request.

Categories : Agriculture


Our Main products are Herbs, Spices and Coconut:

1. BlackPepper

2. Cinnamon Sticks

3. Cloves

4. Coconut coir

5. Coconut peat

6. Coconut Husk Chips

7. Fresh Ginger

8. Dried Sliced Ginger

9. Ginger Powder

10. Fresh Galangal

11. Dried Sliced Galangal

12. Galangal Powder

13. Fresh Turmeric

14. Dried Sliced Turmeric

15. Turmeric Powder

16. Dried Black Grass Jelly Leaves

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