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The Best Coco is Supplier and Exporter of Coconut product from Indonesia. We manufacture various kind of coconut derrivative products such as Charcoal Briquettes, Cocopeat, Cocofiber, Palm Sugar, Copra, Coconut Flour, and Dessicated Coconut.

Categories : Agriculture Chemicals

Coconut Charcoal Briquette Diamond (Grade A)
 Origin : INDONESIA
 Raw Material : Coconut Shell Charcoal
 Usage : Shisa/Hookah
 Calorie : 7400 Cal
 Moisture : 7%
 Ash Content : 2-2.5%
 Fixed Carbon : 83%
 Volatile Matter : 14%
 Burning Time : 2 – 3 Hours
 MSDS Certificate
 White Cream Ash
 Packing by Request
 Smokless - odorless - white ash - long burning time – ecogreen

Our company has high standart to get the highest quality products, start with choosing the best raw materials, screening, international standart processing and the last but not least QC (Quality Control). One of our goals is supplying accross the globe with the highest quality because customers' satisfaction is our priority.

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