PT Bestagar Pureindo Internasional


PT Bestagar Pureindo Internasional was established in 2015, located in Malang, East Java. We produce pure agar powder, Alkali Treated Gracilaria (ATG) and Dried Gracilaria Seaweed. PT Bestagar Pureindo Internasional strives to become a professional seaweed industry in Indonesia that produces good quality Alkaline Treated Gracilaria by prioritizing quality and customer convenience.

Categories : Fishery Food & Beverage

PT Bestagar Pureindo Internasional has several supplier that owns more than 1500 hectares of seaweed cultivation land in Java Island.

It is a raw material for making agar powder. Our product are selected and sorted. So the quality and cleanliness are guaranteed for export standard

We are the first and largest ATG producer in Indonesia. ATG is a semi-finished raw material for making agar powder.
The advantage using ATG :
- Minimizing waste , saving energy
- Cost effective delivery compared to regular seaweed shipment
- ATG ready to processed for agar powder raw material
- ATG more clean than dried seaweed due to passed sorting & washing alkali process

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