CV OMG (Original Mery Ginger) is a supplier of spicy that supplies some fresh spicy and powdered spicy from North Sumatera area. Our Company order fresh spicy directly from farmer. We check the pesticide of farmer used and quality of the spicy we supply. For factory which processing our powdered also has international standard level for quantity and quality.

Categories : Agriculture Food & Beverage

Our products:
1. Red Ginger Powder (cooked),With Sugar
2. Red Ginger Powder (No Cooked), No Sugar
3. White Ginger powder (cooked), with Sugar
4. White Ginger Powder (No Cooked), No Sugar
5. Turmeric Powder
6. Curcuma Powder
7. Red Chili Powder
8. Garlic Powder
9. Onion Powder
10. Long Pepper
11. Sumatra Black Pepper (Andaliman) powder
12. Black Pepper
13. Cinnamon
14. Cloves

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