Briquette Charcoal Indonesia 99


Our company is a manufacturer and exporter of 100% coconut shell charcoal briquettes from Indonesia. We manufacture for Shisha and BBQ. With a focus on better quality, service, on-time delivery and continuity.

Categories : Chemicals

Ash Content ( 2% - 3% )
Ash Colour ( white / Silver )
Fixed Carbon ( minimum 80% )
Moisture ( maximum 5% )
Volatile Matter ( less than 14% )
Lighting Time ( Up to 10 minutes / depending on size and shape )
Lighting Time ( 120 minutes / depending on size and shape )

We control every step of the manufacturing process and the quality of our briquettes, from the selection of coconut shells, cleaning, carbonization, to the final process of making briquettes in drying and packaging. We provide shell charcoal briquettes in large quantities and can be shipped to various destinations around the world. We can produce briquettes in various shapes or sizes desired and make packaging according to customer designs. Our briquettes provide very high heat, long burning time and minimal ash. Because we use high quality charcoal so our briquettes do not produce asp, odor or sparks during combustion.

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