PT Agra Prabhu Indonesia


PT Agra Prabhu Indonesia are very proud of its glorious records for sourcing the best commodity ever available at a very good price without much hassle. Through our Commodity products that we have from our partnering manufacturers and farmers, we can get you the goods you want, the way you want it. We ship it to you and make sure everything is as per your request. From agricultural products or bi-products, and many other commodity.

ICELS by PT Agra Prabhu Indonesia, is literally one-stop-for-all, we provide you an assistance to trade, import & export commodity, or even to provide you commodity from wherever around the world. most of our commodities are Cloves, Cardamom, vanilla, Gum Resin, Gambier Extract, and many more.

Through ICELS, Agra Prabhu Indonesia provides various range of Indonesian spices such as, Black pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, etc. We provide our product direct from the source, cutting the chain of brokers, dealers, and traders so you can get the best products for the best price.

PT Agra Prabhu Indonesia also provides you with Coal Briquettes or Coconut shell briquettes. Mainly for the use of Shisha, BBQ, etc. We have established a production unit with the production of the best quality.

PT Agra Prabhu Indonesia also have a good relation with CPO producers and sources Fresh Palm Fruits from the farmers.

PT Agra Prabhu Indonesia offers you the service of Quality Control inspections, Lab testing prior to shipment, clearing Shipping Document for export and we work together big shipping line for time delivery at your doorstep.

We source our commodities from all around Indonesia, we have a group of farmers, manufacturers that partner up as a part of this company and we do not buy from another traders. Our sourcing is the most secure, since we have our company's foreman in every city of source location, to push production, stay on the time frame and track progress, also as a guarantee of product shipment.

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