CV Bale Lombok Nusantara


CV Bale Lombok Nusantara is one of the leading suppliers of Moringa leaf processed products in Indonesia, we provide opportunities for small business actors to develop their business by assisting them so that the products produced can meet global standards, by producing various processed Moringa leaves, our company always ensures raw materials. The products used come from Moringa farming partners whose quality is guaranteed from planting to leaf picking, our company guarantees that the products produced already have a distribution permit in Indonesia and several product certifications to ensure the quality produced by the company.

Categories : Food & Beverage

Contains Amino Acids made from fermented soybeans, black cumin, honey & Moringa leaves, has been tested in the laboratory, certified halal by MUI and has a permit from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency in Indonesia (BPOM) as a domestic traditional medicine (TR ) Amino acids are important compounds for the formation of proteins in the human body, consisting of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
Production capacity : 10.000 / month
Netto : 30-60 Mil
Composition : fermented soybeans, black cumin, honey & Moringa leaves

Moringa Tea Powder contents 150 grams wrong one traditional drink useful for keep your immune system all day earned from local farmers organic & hygienic.
Packaging : Can
Production capacity: 50,000 pcs/month
Netto: 150 gram
Composition: Moringa Oelifera 90% and Pandanus 10%

Moringa oil is an aromatherapy skin care essential oil, which functions as a skin moisturizer, anti-wrinkle, and whitening agent.
Packaging : bottle
Production capacity: 50,000 pcs/month
Netto: 20 mil
Composition: moringa seeds

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