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PT Razindo Global Indonesia is a company that engaged in export sector especially agriculture products from Lombok, Indonesia. We provide the best quality for agriculture products such as Konjac, Coffee Beans, Spices, and Others.

Categories : Agriculture Fishery

Dried Sargassum Sp.
HS Code : 1212.21.15
Origin : Indonesia
Moisture : 18-20%
Impurity : 5% max
Sargassum is one of the types of the brown seaweed group. It is the largest genus in the family Sargassaceae.The main component of algae is carbohydrates while the other components are protein, fat, ash (sodium and potassium) and 80-90% water (Chapman 1970). Sargassum has a variety of nutritional content that is beneficial for humans and animals.

Dried Gracilaria
HS Code : 1212.21.00
Origin : Indonesia
Moisture : 14%-18% max
Impurity : 5% max
Gracilaria is a genus of Rhodophyta, a red algae, known for its economic importance as a plant and as a food for humans and various shellfish. Gracilaria is used as food in Filipino, Hawaiian, Japanese and Korean cuisines. In Japanese cuisine, it is called ogonori or ogo. In the Philippines it is called gulaman and is used to make gelatin. In Jamaica it is called Irish moss. In Korea, it is called kkosiraegi. Traditionally, gracilaria cultivated as a source of agar.

Dried Ulva Lactuca
HS Code : 1212.29.00
Origin : Indonesia
Moisture : 20%
Impurity : 5% max
Ulva Lactuca Seaweed has many natural protein, gluten, vitamin and mineral. Besides, ulva lactuca seaweed is source to productions animal feed, The special for cows, it is decreasing methane when the cows is belched.

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