Savana Nusantara Ekspor which focuses on empowering local communities or farmers in Dieng, Central Java, where the main product is potatoes

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Potato is one of the basic edible vegetables, which is produced and consumed in almost all major countries in the world. We are the largest supplier of fresh potatoes from Indonesia. The industrial significance of potatoes cannot be overemphasized as it can be used for feed production and medicinal purposes. The potato is a resilient crop that has survived institutional instability, market failures, disease outbreaks, civil strife, and other shocks.
Dieng, is one of the areas in Central Java, Indonesia. which has abundant natural resources, many natural tourist objects, is thick with its culture, there are many natural attractions, and is rich in agricultural products, and one of them is potatoes.
Dieng potato is one of the potatoes that is known among the people of Indonesia, as one of the best potatoes, he (potato) has relatively strong resistance, because it is grown at sufficient temperature and with an altitude of 1,700 – 2,100 meters above sea level, where this is one of the leading with a longer shelf life that can reach 120 days, and Dieng Potatoes are known to have softer flesh, smoother texture, and are crisp and golden yellow in color.
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