PT Herbatama Indo Perkasa


become a traditional medicine manufacturer that plays a role in improving the quality of life in terms of public health and welfare.

PT Herba Utama is a traditional medicine and food industry founded in 2010 with production facilities located in the Cikarang Industrial Estate, Indonesia.
We use 4 types of Indonesia's honey in one bottle such as Longan Honey, Randu Honey, Forest Honey and Hevea Honey as complete nutritional source. Besides that we also have herb supplemeny from Premium Nutraceutical for help any desease such as decrease cholestrole, High Blood Pressure, help the wound healing process and supplement for women's health. We also have export experience to others country such as Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Philippine, Niger, Nigeria, Taiwan, Leicester, Madagascar and USA.
PT Herba Utama uses modern machines to ensure the quality of the products it produces and is supported by modern laboratories and experienced human resources in their fields. Quality control is carried out at every stage of the production process and the application of CPOTB is carried out strictly so that every drug manufacture is completely protected from possible cross-hazards or the influence of other factors.
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