Kerinci Agro


CV Kerinci Agro is a family owned business established in 1958 and currently managed by Hengki Anggo Putra in the third generation. The company introduced its main product Cassia Vera (also known as “Cassia Vera Korintji”) to the market in 2006. CV Kerinci Agro has continuously developed and improved its business model and is currently expanding into the European, American and Asian market, making it the first company located in Kerinci (Jambi Provinces) to process and export its products.

Categories : Spices Agriculture


In 2016, our company started running an initiative for sustainable trade in Cassia Vera, cooperating with regional smallholder famers. The total capacity of approximately 7.000 tons / year of cassia is now processed in accordance with ecological standards and is labelled as “organic” by Ecocert SA. By complying with these ecological standards, we manage to sustainably and constantly increase the product value, and ultimately, the profits obtained by participating smallholder farmers. In addition, the initiative motivates local smallholder farmers even further to engage in cassia processing und increase their production capacities.

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