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Our Product We provide popular fresh, frozen and alive seafood such as Tuna, mackerel, Snapper, lobster and more. Which we ship overseas in high quality. We have promoted constant improvements in our workplace environment in conformity with higher standards. We make strong efforts to create safe and reliable products with the awareness that we privileged to work with an HACCP-certified company.

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M78 Seafood Indonesia or our subsidiary CV. Sentra Tuna Parigi is an International seafood supplier and partnership with several seafood packers, Located in Bali and Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Established since 2008. We are a proud player in the seafood industry.

We are committed to deliver best quality seafood, in the right prices and timely delivery. It has always been our priority that our products reach our customers in the condition as agreed. We make sure to organize and secure the supply chain so that the product specification will be met. “If It Swims, We Have It”

Fresh Chilled SeafoodFresh Yellowfin Tuna Loins Sashimi; Fresh Yellowfin Tuna GG Sashimi; Fresh Bluefin Tuna Loins; Fresh Bluefin Toro; Fresh Grouper; Fresh Red Snapper; Fresh Barramundi; Fresh Kingfish; Fresh Parrot fish
Frozen Seafood Frozen tuna CO treated (Saku, Steak, Loin, Cube and Ground Meat); Frozen Yellowfin Tuna GG; Frozen Bluefin Toro; Frozen Skipjack; Frozen Indian Mackerel; Frozen Milkfish; Frozen Silver Silago; Frozen Grouper; Frozen Red Snapper; Frozen Barramundi; Frozen Kingfish; Frozen Parrot fish; Frozen Ribbon Fish; Frozen Squid; Frozen Cuttlefish
Alive SeafoodMud Crab; Lobster; Grouper; Blood Clam; Mantis Shrimp


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